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If you do not have an adequate IT infrastructure, can not control your receivables, and can not use your capital efficiently, you’ll quickly fall behind the competition. Manufacturing companies must be flexible to keep pace with ever-changing market demands. This requires the company to have strong cash flow to adapt to change. A robust system infrastructure with outlets and distributors plays an important role in achieving steady cash flow. AR Management Software Tahsilist provides an infrastructure that companies with B2B dealer/customer portal function need and helps you stay ahead of the competition.

Wholesale and Distribition

The difference between collection and due dates is critical to the continuity of the business. Although it is necessary to make sales on open account in order to compete, this can become a problem that affects cash flow and business continuity. Controlling accounts receivable, following collection plans, sending payment reminders, collecting money on delivery, providing payment links for customers when needed, and accessing live customer data by field staff are fundamental functions and business processes that wholesale companies must master to remain competitive and productive. Tahsilist offers AR management tools, automated/manual notification services, online payment infrastructure and mobile applications that enable your business to improve collection performance.

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Shipping and Logistics

Shipping and logistics companies already have a lot of worries to deal with. Managing receivables alongside issuing documents, tracking shipments and organizing delivery routes is another area where time and money are consumed. Tahsilist provides you with a platform that allows you to easily distinguish between paid and unpaid invoices, send automatic reminders along with payment links, and improve communication and transparency between you and your customers. With Tahsilist you can eliminate manual processes, increase your cash flow and productivity.

IT and Consultancy

Most information and consulting services take place behind the scene and are not noticed if they are done well. This means that your client companies get used to your services and move your payments to the back of the priority list. The automatic reminders along with the payment links that Tahsilist enables will significantly reduce your late collections. Information and consulting services must have strong cash flow if they want to grow. You already know how efficient automated processes can be. So why not use AR management software to increase your cash flow?

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Media and Advertising

Your teams have no time to waste chasing claims and late payments in an industry where rapid, rich content production is critical Companies that provide services rather than physical goods can use Tahsilist AR management software to improve their collections performance and ensure their receivables are paid on time. Tahsilist allows you to track accounts receivable with automation tools, send notifications to your customers according to a workflow you define, and receive payments on time. Your team can make your business more efficient by focusing on acquiring new customers and fulfilling existing receivables in the remaining time enabled by Tahsilist.


Cash flow is an essential part of your business, and it is important to have liquidity on your balance sheet. Your projects require strong capital, and maintaining strong cash flow is one of the most important tasks you must take seriously. Providing funds for more projects requires efficient working capital management and accurate cash flow forecasting. With Tahsilist AR management software, you can accurately predict your future cash flow by creating automatic collection plans according to payment agreements with your customers. This way, you can anticipate and prevent financial bottlenecks that your company will face.

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