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In the efficient use of your capital, in the management of receivable accounts, and if you are back as a system infrastructure, you will be rapidly back in competition. Manufacturers must be flexible in order to keep up with the constantly changing market and customer demands, the enterprise should work efficiently and have a cash flow that will constantly adapt to changes. For this reason, it is very important that it maintains cash flow for producers and the system infrastructure it established with its dealers.

The collector provides the infrastructure and capital usage efficiency you need with the receivable follow -up management and B2B Dealer/Customer Portal feature and helps you stay in front of the competition.


Wholesale sales and distribution

The difference between the collection of the company and the payment term is vital for the continuity of the company. Although it is necessary to make futures for competition, this situation may become a problem that will affect the cash flow and continuity of the company’s cash flow and continuity.

The monitoring of the futures receivables, the creation of collection plans, the payment reminders, the collection of product delivery or payment link and the instantly access of the field teams to the data are a problem that wholesale sales and distribution companies want to remain competitive and efficient.

The collector’s receivables monitoring management, automatic/manual notification infrastructure, virtual POS integration and mobile application solve these problems for you and allow your company to improve the collection performance.

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Shipping and Logistics

Shipping and logistics companies already have a lot to worry about. Following the shipments, trying to organize delivery routes and managing accounts in addition to issuing the documents such as invoice, bill, receipt, emerges as another area where you spend time and money.

Eliminate manual processes with the collector of the management platform that enables you to distinguish between payments and invoices that need to be received, sending automatic reminders and payment links, which improves communication and visibility between you and the customer, and increase your cash flow and efficiency.

IT and Consultancy

Most information and consultancy services take place behind the stage and are not noticed when they are well carried out. This may mean that business owners get used to your services and shift them to other suppliers to payment priority. The automatic reminders of the Collection significantly reduce your delayed collections by sending payment links for mattresses.

Information and consultancy services provide a consistent cash flow if they want to develop. You already know how efficient automatic processes can be, so why don’t you use management automation software to increase your cash flow?

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Media and Advertising

In a sector where fast -paced and rich content production is important, your teams have no time to waste their receivables and delayed payments.

They can use the Administrative Platform Collector, where businesses that serve instead of physical commodities can improve their collection performances and make sure that their receivables are paid.

The collector allows you to follow the receivable accounts with automation tools, send notifications to your customers according to the workflow you define and receive payment. In the remaining times of your teams, you can make your company more efficient by focusing on winning new customers and meeting existing demands.


Cash flow is an integral part of your business and it is important to have liquidity in your balance sheet. Your projects require strong capital and keeping your cash flow strong is at the beginning of the issues you need to take seriously. Providing funds for more projects requires a good working capital management and a good cash flow estimate.

You can accurately predict your future cash flow with the collector of the management platform where you can create automatic collection plans according to the flexible payment agreements you make with your customers, make your supplier payments on time and prevent the cash blows that your company will have to cope with.

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