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Integrated solutions to meet all your needs in receviable managment and collection

Tahsilat Planı

Collection Plan

Rote your team and customers with the automatic collection plan according to your way to work with the customer, check the team performance, and collect your receviables on time with the right maturity.

Otomatik Bildirimler

Automatic Notifications

Create workflows where you can send SMS, E-mail and voicemail notifications to your customers under the conditions you want. Send a virtual pos payment link to your customers.

Müşteri Portalı

Customer Portal

Get rid of the constantly repetitive agreement processes and the extract shipment load. May your dealers and customers can access their own account data and pay by credit card.

Mobil Uygulama

Mobile Application

May your staff, even your customers, reach the private commercial data from anywhere

Risk Analizi

Risk Analysis

Let's analyze customer movements and guide you to risk assessment results.

Sanal Pos Entegrasyonu

Virtual Pos Integration

Wheter your field personnels our customer's mobile phones into the POS device, get ready to receive payment at any time.

Collection of your company and customer's KPI that you can watch their performances screen.
Firmanızın ve müşterilerinizin tahsilat performanslarını izleyebileceğini KPI ekranları
Tahsilat ekiplerinizi yönetebileceğiniz, ileri dönem nakit akışınızı öngörebileceğiniz detaylı takip ekranları
You can manage your collection teams, forward Detailed tracking screens Where you can foresee your period cash flow.
Communication Fiction for Customer Particular flexible stracture you can create.
Müşteri özelinde iletişim kurguları oluşturabileceğiniz esnek yapı
Müşteri özelinde takip ve izleme yapabileceğiniz müşterilerinizin interaktif bir şekilde sisteme dahil olabileceği B2B altyapısı
Tracking and Monitoring of Customer Particular B2B infrastracture where your customers can be included in the system in an interactive way.

AR Management Software

An integrated solution to meet all your AR management and collection needs.