Haydar Akça, who has more than 15 years of experience in collector, ERP Consultancy, Business Development and Operations Management, Accounting and Financial Advisory sectors, was founded in 2020 by Aydın Kocabaş and Kürşat Özden to solve the problems experienced by the companies. Completing R & D and product development processes in Konya Teknokent, the collector has been serving its customers in Konya and Istanbul offices since September 2021.


Aydın Kocabaş
Aydın Kocabaş

co founder

2007 Marmara Uni. Industry Eng. 2010 MBA

5 years in Turkey and the United States ERP Project Management and Production Automation

9 Years Investment Analysis, Operation and Finance Management, Business Development

Haydar Akça
Haydar Akça

co founder

Marmara University, Computer and Control Systems Teaching

Software Engineer, Full Stack Developer

For more than 15 years ERP Project Management, Software Development and Entrepreneurship

Recep Kürşad Özden
Kürşad Özden

product manager

2005 Niğde Uni. Business graduate

2010 Financial Advisor

Management in 12 years accounting and collection units

4 Years ERP Project Consultancy


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